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Hospital & Pharmacy Canvassing

Canvassing of medical facilities, i.e.… hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, diagnostic centers and even physicians can be invaluable in providing information concerning pre-existing conditions and other claim history information.


Database information is available only on those patients who present with prescription insurance coverage. More and more people are taking advantage of diagnostic centers that are self pay.

Let us help you ferret out the information you require in making a claim decision. Worldwide Resources, Inc. has been conducting these inquires for years and we can tailor these canvasses to suit your needs. Please contact us for additional information. We offer affordable pricing to fit your budget.

Proven Experience


Our investigative team has traveled the world investigating a broad variety of cases. Worldwide Resource, Inc. has a far-reaching network of investigators to assist you with your case.


Our extensive network of national and international professional investigators enables us to provide exceptional service around the globe.


Our years of experience have allowed us to amass a substantial list of contacts and resources. Whether your investigation is in the U.S. or a remote part of the world, we can get results.